Zotti Ermanno

Padua, Italy


1,200 sq. m.

The office space is a distinctive rectangular mass that is juxtaposed against the ephemerally glass louvered showroom joined by a glazed courtyard that not only helps light the interior but serves as the grand entrance required by the client. The courtyard is also intended as an informal lounge space for office employees, as well the audience of theater performances. For the showroom the horizontally translucent glass louvers are meant to take advantage of the site context by orienting the transparency towards the North and South where it is visible to the neighborhood and has opportune day lighting.

The translucent façade faces east to help block out the early sun but also faces moving traffic where there is no advantage in transparency. What the traffic will experience is the sculptural quality of the materials and massing. The office is a ventilated façade paneling over a swiss brick system. The banding pattern brings out a quality of massing through stacking as well as mimicking the qualities of light and movement from the glass louver façade.