Ryan received his Master of Architecture, University of California, Los Angeles, and his bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Las Vegas, Nevada. Ryan is drawn to the atypical and is interested in the peculiarities of matter and interdisciplinary models.


The beverages I drink are carbonated water, coffee, David’s Iced Tea, diet cola, Peach Snapple, Sculpin, kombucha, wine, espresso, Zima, iced coffee, Gatorade, Diet Dr. Pepper, Kirkland Signature Chocolate Milk, Kirkland Signature Organic Coconut Water, Kirkland Signature Apple Juice, Kirkland Signature Grape Juice, Kirkland Signature Lemonade, Kirkland Signature Almond Milk and tap water.


Phenomenal objects are said to conform to the mind of the subject


The Nakagin Capsule Tower

In one word where do you find inspiration?


What do you love about architecture?

I love the excessive nature of architecture.