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Nightingale III

Burrowed into a hillside lot in the ‘Bird Streets’ section of the exclusive Doheny Estates in the hills above the Sunset Strip, Nightingale III is a currently under-construction 10,000 SF personal residence. Clad in anodized aluminum and glass with an entirely concrete basement level, when completed it will be our fourth home in the neighborhood and third on the block.

Sited on a flat pad near the end of the street, Nightingale III replaces a 3,000 SF single-family home originally constructed in the 1950s. Limited to a single story by neighborhood zoning conditions (to preserve existing views), we made up the difference by adding a subterranean level dug out of the sloping site. Constructed entirely out of concrete, the basement acts as a monolithic counterpart and anchor to the structurally lighter main level composed of steel and glass and clad in an anodized aluminum rain screen.

The anodized aluminum rain screen is similar to the system used on our Double Stick Residence. Informed by our work on that project—we learned the hard way that individually placing each anodized aluminum slat is a particularly onerous task—here the façade will be composed of pre-made modular panels comprised of a grouping of the slats. Functionally identical and similarly shaded a dark bronze, the updated process should prove to be a drastically more efficient alternative.

The interior design is open, with a stairway connecting the main level to an atrium-like basement space. The upper level is composed of kitchen and living spaces, while the basement holds guest rooms, a den, spa, and sauna. Glass sliders, paneling, and flooring contribute to the open and elegant residential programming. The southern-facing side of the home is clad in glass and opens to a small lawn extending out to an infinity pool, covered by a cantilevered trellis and with a full view of the cityscape below.

Currently under construction, the expected completion date is fall 2019.