Flores Street

The city of West Hollywood’s logo is a visual gesture inspired by diversity and inclusion, but in form is very simply a colorful grid. We drew upon both the complex and straightforward facets of this element in the design of the Flores Apartments.

The facade of the 10-unit condo features a unique patchwork of five-foot by five-foot bronze and aluminum ribbed metal panels arranged in a modern “quilt” representing the immediate neighborhood and community.

Given the bulk of the building, we needed to implement a setback at the third floor. However, rather than pushing the structure back in a conventional way, we expressed this requisite as a mansard roof . This extra dimension not only gave way to more dynamic interiors, but enhanced visual interest on the exterior.

When finished in mid-2019, the building will house a three-bedroom penthouse, and nine 1,700-square-foot, two-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom apartments, each with a 120-square-foot deck. A central courtyard will provide a verdant common space for the building’s residents.