Malama Learning Center

Honolulu, Hawaii


25,000 SF

The concept consists of a new high school campus with landscaping, new parking, and recreation facilities. The architecture aims to capture and celebrate aspects of the Hawaiian cultural identity and its respect for the natural environment.

The sustainable design concept subtly impacts the surroundings, appearing to almost “reorganize” the natural elements in such a way as to create a sense of purposeful space, and to shelter inhabitants from the intense, omnipresent sunshine of the island.

Program areas are “clustered,” akin to native architecture, and circulation is accomplished through a series of outdoor walkways, shaded by hardwood panels that rise at an angle from the earth as if by force of nature.

Separation between the panels provides consistent ventilation and an everchanging pattern of shade. Ipe wood was chosen because of its natural quality, softness of touch and durability.