Nodeul Island, Seoul, South Korea

6,600 m2

Nodeul Dream Island will continue to be the “stepping stone where white heron paddled,” but also be a place where people will connect and create again. Instead of a place for just passing by or looking from a distance, it will be a place to meet and watch a beautiful sunset or observe the city from nature. It will be a public place, housing music and art, and its scale, modest but accommodating for the required program.

The buildings would reflect the same elements as ancient Korean architecture and landscape: trees, stone and water as wood, metal and glass. The exterior consists of smooth, light metal panels and wood panels. The flooring would be a platform of wooden boards, just as pliable but sturdy as the landscape. The undulating interior walls are like the stream of the river, also made of wood: light, flushed panels, sinuously guiding guests to their destination.