Malibu, CA

In this exemplary project, SPF:a hopes to introduce alternate building systems out of objects in our world, “reimagined,” and to combine those objects in such a way as to provide high performance, environmentally responsible facilities.

The original facility was destroyed in the 1994 fires and since then researchers have been waiting for it to be replaced. The soil conditions were such that standard or normal footings could not be designed to meet UCLA and building code standards. The only way to re-create the facility was to utilize mobile structures. SPF:a responded with repurposed cargo shipping containers as its basic building module, configuring the standard 40’ long “hi-cube” (40’ x 8’ x 9’ 6”) containers in two groupings of 3 containers and 6 containers with a wood composite deck between. They incorporated salvage-bound trailer tractor chassis (pairs of wide flange steel beams) as structural members in the overall design.