Cool Modern Barn

Somis Hay Barn

Somis, CA


How many architects are rethinking the hay barn? SPF:a sought a creative and poetic way of storing hay and providing shelter for an equestrian program - resulting in the cool modern barn.

The concept is based on the ever-changing color and positioning of the hay as cladding on the barn. When hay is stacked along the outer storage shelves in the winter, it is green; as the season unfolds, the hay turns yellow, and the caretaker removes it from the shelves as it is used for feed. Both factors keep the facade forever in a state of evolution. The building is a metaphor for life, death and birth, common seasonal themes in an agrarian society.

Stored Hay Stacks
Barn Interiors and Stalls
Barn Exteriors and Stalls
Barn Detail of Hay Stacks
Barn Perspective View

Lead Designer: Zoltan E. Pali, FAIA

California Council AIA Award, 2005
National AIA Honor Award 2004
LA AIA Design Merit Award 2004
Los Angeles Business Council Award 2003
PA Citation, Architecture Magazine 1999

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