Modern Theatre Building with Architectural Concrete Panels

Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

Beverly Hills, CA


70,000 sf

A revitalization of the long-dormant Beverly Hills post office site brings nightlife and daytime green space to the heart of the Beverly Hills business triangle. Celebrating the history of the site, the skin of the new Goldsmith Theater is an abstraction of the millions of letters and envelopes that once defined this historic site – formed in copper-colored SwissPearl cement panels. The result is a beautiful abstract textural pattern, engraved into a copper skin. The skin not only creates symbolism in its architecture, but an abstract composition and a piece of art.

Historic Post Office New Goldsmith Theater
SwissPearl Architectural Copper Colored Fiber Cement Panels
Zoltan E. Pali Sketch of the Wallis
Historic Preservation and New Construction
Pedestrian Walkway between Historic and New Buildings
Walkway to Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts Theatre Lobby
Variable Acoustics and Modern Theatre Design
Architectural Landscaping and Glass Curtain Wall

What was once a hub of private personal communication becomes a modern theatre and performing arts center for art and education. In doing so, the Center embodies the invisible monumentality of the process of mail distribution, creating a resonance with its new function as a center for the processing and distribution of culture.

Historic Preservation and Modern Building