SPF:a Principal Zoltan Pali Talks 'Bridges and Walls' with KCRW

Last month, KCRW's Design and Architecture (DnA) kicked off "Bridges and Walls," a new 8-part series focusing on connection and division in California, both social and physical. The impetus for the program has been Donald Trump’s repeated calls for building a border wall on the US-Mexico border. Amidst this language of division, DnA is exploring the social and environmental impacts of several large infrastructure projects underway in California, as well as the invisible walls like zoning, gang borders and the Orthodox Jewish eruv.

In the fourth installment, SPF:a principal Zoltan Pali joins DnA host Frances Anderton to talk about what's next for the LA River, in particular, the forging of new connections across the water with several new bridges, among them, SPF:a's Rumblefish.

Listen to the clip here.