Orum Makes ArchDaily's '50 Best Houses of 2019 (So Far)' List

And Orum makes the cut! Thank you, ArchDaily, for including our recently completed residential project among your "Top 50 Best Houses of 2019 (So Far)" list.

"Designing a home will always be the true challenge for an architect. With these projects, the architect needs to fulfill the user's wishes, while simultaneously reinvent new ways of living the day-to-day. Therefore, it is no surprise that residential works are the most popular project category on ArchDaily.

"We've recently passed the halfway point of 2019, and already, we've published more than 1,000 houses, offering projects with a variety of scales, contexts, and typologies. An immense diversity of possibilities that showcase the creativity of architects and serve as a great source of inspiration for those seeking references for their own residential project."

Explore the complete list here.