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Wallis Spotlighted in 'New Architecture Los Angeles'

Next time you're at your local bookstore be sure to flip to page 160 of “New Architecture Los Angeles," Prestel's latest architectural release authored by Brooke Hodge, Director of Architecture and Design at the Palm Springs Art Museum, and photographer Mike Kelley. We are honored to have The Wallis included in this "richly illustrated guide to Los Angeles’ most exciting new buildings."

Those who are fans of Robert Winter and David Gebhard's seminal “An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles” will certainly enjoy "New Architecture," which like its predecessor highlights those buildings that are making their mark on the cityscape. However, unlike Winter and Gebhard's title that covers everything from Art Deco to Spanish Colonial to the city's crop of deconstructivist buildings, Hodge's book looks to catalog those defining structures built after 2000.